26 April 2005


Right now i'm so into shoes, not just any shoes i want the perfect shoe for graduation and right now i'm loving these Louis Vuitton, not at all practical but who was ever practical?

lv shoes

21 April 2005


I'm loving tiffany jewellery right now.

20 April 2005

jane yee and fashion

The new zealand herald did a fashion profile on none other than jane yee um were they just running short of people to do editorials on? Jane yee whom i have only ever seen in jeans and a tee shirt says her fave 'designers' are illicit and federation, hardly high end fashion and oh the sacrilegious comment of using a handbag by misery and a backpack....street fashion, yes high end fashion NZherald?? Don't quit the day job.

01 April 2005


my obsession for louis vuitton grows bigger EVERY DAY

24 March 2005

trying to trick us are we?

Is it just me or did it take forever for blogpatrol to finish their updates. Anyway, I may be mistaken however i always see one girl that only ever wears the same shirt...and skirt by the look of it...i's a ralph lauren polo so i can't be too harsh and i am yet to decide if the dior cz bracelet she wears is tacky however, you just can't pull off wearing the same thing over and over to university every day...i don't believe that if i open your closet there will be ten pink ralph lauren polos stearing me in the face. No no, we're not fooled honey....maybe you should try other fashionistas.

23 March 2005

about the polos.

No you can not buy a Ralph Lauren Polo and wear it every single day. Honey.

22 March 2005

number 1 shoe warehouse is selling von dutch shoes...yesterdays news for all the people out there in the replica von dutch.